Yesterday’s Internet Blackout Successful


Yesterday many websites went black in support of a protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act. Wikipedia went offline, showing only the message shown to the left. A day later it appears the result was a huge output of creativity intended to fill the informational void left by Wikipedia’s blackout. Check out this link to Twitter’s Facts Without Wikipedia to see some of the amazing imaginations people have. As JD said on his Facebook page, be prepared to lose some hours of time!

This one by Jason Maza is one of my favorites:

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Will Sig
1 Catwoman

I totally agree with the movement, this new act is simple insane, I hope this protest will reach its goal as soon as possible.


2 Jan

Hi Will
I certainly knew about the Internet blackout – I was searching for lots of stuff and WordPress and Wikepedia were blacked out – it was slightly annoying but I totally agree with why it was done. Your title is “Yesterday’s Internet Blackout Successful” – but my question is was it really successful or was it just a slight annoyance as it was for me? Do you think that it will make a difference?

It’s a bit like here if the garbos or luggage handlers at the airports go on strike then we all know about it, but if the public servants go on strike it’s just a slight annoyance. Would be interested to know your thoughts.


3 Binky

Hopefully the legislation will die, but I doubt it will be gone for good, unfortunately.
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4 Mark Jester

Yeah, I was amazed about the growing internet protests and blackouts for famous sites. I don’t know what will happen to the virtual world if SOPA will push through. What’s your stand about SOPA and the blackouts going on?

Thanks for sharing the information! Great post!


5 Tony McGurk

But I wonder if it will change their minds about the act. Love the dinosaur fact page


6 Billy

Thankfully yes SOPA and PIPA have been shelved but a worse thing has been approved, which is ACTA. People have been protesting it more in Europe ( especially in Poland where they amassed huge crowds). Acta will essentially do the same as PIPA and SOPA but could be much more drastic, and is global.


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