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I got a fright and then a chuckle in an email this week. A person who had read my post about the latest research on cell phones and salivary cancer asked if I had heard that a hands free cell phone device was not safe for your brain. “What the heck”, I thought. Just when I had decided to become a big text messenger and make my next phone a Bluetooth model! Fortunately they included a link and when I followed it, I immediately saw that they must have only read the headline and the first sentence.

So, my plan may still be a good one. Keep the cell phone as far away from the head as possible. Now I need to track down the research on the latest I heard about cell phones, that people who keep it in their pants pocket all day, may be causing cellular changes in the tissues close to the cell phone pocket. I guess researchers somewhere had determined that if they put a cell phone near a Petri dish with some quickly dividing cells, they could detect cell changes or mutations they think are related to the radio frequency radiation emitted by the phone. That idea might be related to this, which if you are a young man, may get your attention.

Sometimes, you just have to close your eyes and go on with what you normally do to avoid driving yourself crazy thinking about all the possible adverse health consequences of simply being alive!

I still say go with a couple of proven changes in lifestyle. There are many things to do that have been shown to increase your odds of staying healthy. Nothing is guaranteed, but I would look at eliminating soda and fast food from your diet, quitting smoking, or reducing your salt consumption, before I would give up the cell phone.

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Will Sig
1 maysaro

I agree with you will about we just have to close our eyes and go on with what our normally do to avoid driving ourself crazy thinking about all the possible adverse health consequences of simply being alive!



2 zooltv

So how about using handsfree? Do that had same effect?


3 Bob

I use bluetooth as well, probably makes a difference, and you are right can’t get tied up in all the stuff and damage that could or is happening, would drive you bonkers.


4 Will

I searched and could not find anything specific to Bluetooth. Logic tells me it would have less effect because of the much lower RF emission. I use it whenever I know I will be on a call for more than a minute, or when making multiple calls.


5 Mike Touch

There are health consequences to any action we do. We ignore the majority of them because we are irrational human beings who like to smoke,drink and eat unhealthily.


6 Anna

Oh I am so glad that phone thing is not my thing. I don’t like talking on the phone at all, unless someone keeps talking to me, then I have no choice just to listen. My ears go on fire, lol. I think technology is getting to us, and we try to use all gadgets available, becuase they make our life easier, but we did survive without them before, so again moderation people!. I have cell phone for emergency only, at work and at home landline does it all. Anna 🙂


7 Betty

Before I read articles about the bad effect of cell phone, I already thought that there are something wrong with this stuff. I always get my ear feel burn after use it, especially CDMA phone…I try not to use it too often. So now I prefer with cable phone.


8 Barbara Ling

Every year something old/current/new will cause cancer, and the next year will change to something else. Heck, I remember back in 1996 one was told they should put sleeping infants on their sides to reduce SIDS…now new parents are told to put them on their backs instead.

Some things will never change.


Barbara Lings last blog post..Must See – Clever Evolution of the Mobile Cell Phone


9 Your Cell Phone is ringing

Thats too funny, my wife thinks when the cell phone is getting hot it is actually starting to give her cancer.

Just emailed her this post.



10 Johns Cellular Service

I really think all the cell phone cancer talk is over-hyped, but what isn’t?

I think there are a few common sense rules to follow about living life and staying healthy and everything else is just a distraction and excuse for wastng time worrying and being ruled by fear.

There is probably a higher chance I will be struck by lightning at my front door than dying from using a cell phone. And of course no matter how cautious we are eventually everyone will die frm something and they will call it “natural causes.”



All of you who are posting, saying that cellphones are probably harmless, you are more likely to get hit by lightning, etc….you just don’t want to give the damn thing up. They’re too entwined in your lives now, and you are accepting them as the norm. Why would you play Russian Roulette with something like that–are cell phones really THAT needed? It’s actually sad; cellphones, healthy or not (I’m erring on NOT) are annoying, obnoxious and intrusive. And that’s the most toxic thing of ALL.


12 txt message

Is there any way to prevent this? lol. It’s almost impossible to live without handphone nowadays.


13 Dave Percival

Very interesting article.
However, not that many years ago, smoking was not taken seriously.
The tobacco giants did “research” to prove cigarette smoking did not cause cancer. We all know a lot better now.

It is a similar thing with cell phones and the link to brain tumors; we prefer not to think about it, but research worldwide points to the risk of getting cancer from excessive use of cell phones.
For a few dollars that risk can be nullified by obtaining a cell phone radiation shield.
Don’t wait like smokers did a few decades ago only now to wish they had taken action.


14 Lloyd Burrell

“I would look at eliminating soda and fast food from your diet, quitting smoking, or reducing your salt consumption, before I would give up the cell phone.” I have to say I don’t really agree.
Professor Dominique Belpomme professor of oncology at Paris Descartes University has just gone on record to state formally that there is a proven link between electromagnetic radiation, cancer, leukemia and Alzheimer’s. Speaking as someone who has been electrosensitive for more than 8 years now, this is all music to my ears.
Lloyd Burrell recently posted..Electromagnetic Fields- Cancer and Leukemia- A cureMy Profile


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