Your Diet Might Prevent Depression


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I think I have touched on this before, but more research seems to show that diet can have an effect on depression.  A healthy diet seems to keep the blues somewhat at a distance.  Several studies showed that people who regularly ate fish, fruit, whole grains, and vegetables, significantly reduced the odds that they would suffer from depression.  Another study looked at the levels of whole foods consumed by the studies participants.  Whole foods included many things in addition to fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats; in fact it is easier to state what was not counted as whole food.  Pretty much anything that had been processed is not a whole food; any food that included high fructose corn syrup, refined cereal grains, high fat dairy, processed meats, etc. was also not considered a whole food.  This study showed a much lower incidence of depression among the whole food consumers than subjects that ate the typical western diet.

One question that these studies could not answer directly was if a good diet helped prevent depression, or if a typical western diet caused depression. Some researchers speculate that the antioxidants in whole foods, fruits, and vegetables protect cells from damage and help keep depression at bay.  Other researchers think that a bad diet harms cells and can lead to increased chances of depression.  Whatever the cause, this is just another reason to eat a healthy, whole food, diet.

There is an X-factor in this though.  Last week I read about some new research that seems to show that depression is not necessarily a bad thing.  These scientists believe that depression in humans has been selected for over time because of the cognitive mental benefits depression can bring.  At first I though, what the???, but the explanation makes some sense. More on that in a future post!

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hi Will,
I’m not sure if a healthy diet really fights depression, or if people that are more ‘”balanced” and less likely to be depressed also make the choice to eat a more healthy diet… does that make sense?
Interesting comment on how depression might be “good” for you, thought I don’t see how that could be…
In any event, I’ll continue to eat healthy! (at least, most of the time 😉 ) ~ Steve
.-= Steve´s last blog ..Trade Show Outboarding =-.


2 Will

That does make sense, Steve. I will write a post or two on the “plus” side of depression soon. It intrigues me too and I don’t think I can say if I go for it yet. Maybe after I think through and write the post I’ll have a definite opinion.


3 Luc J

That comment makes sense. When I read all those studies, I always wonder what is the cause and what is the consequence.
Anyhow, a good glass of red wine in the evening does a pretty good job for me.
.-= Luc J´s last blog ..Rechargeable Battery Comparison Table =-.


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