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Welcome to what is not the website of my famous ancestor, the President and Chief Justice, but the personal website of the not so famous, present-day Will Taft.  Although there are many “just for fun” and photo posts here, mainly you will find a long history of articles and commentary dating back to 2006 and related to my lifelong quest to make sense of all the health and science information we are bombarded with on a daily basis.  I have a questioning, inquisitive nature, love to read and write, but life often leaves me with more questions than answers.  Some months will see 10 or 15 new articles, other months, because of my many other interests including: cooking, gardening, hiking, geocaching, (and anything to do with the ocean), there may only be one or two posted.  If you are so inclined, you can see and read more about me on my profile page.

Because I try to make posts as time-proof as possible, even articles and commentary from years ago continue to draw readers and interaction. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback on any of the articles as we all enjoy the conversations that your comments encourage. Just type your comment into the form below any post, check the box, and it will immediately appear on the post.

You can find articles here by looking through the list of all articles below, or by picking a post from the list at the top of the side bar to the right. You can also go directly to the latest five entries on the blog or type a search term into the search box in the sidebar to the right.

I welcome any feedback or questions and I promise to answer you personally and promptly. You can use the contact form to email me. If you leave a comment on an article, myself or one of the regular readers is sure to respond. So have fun, thanks for visiting, and if you like what you find here, please consider giving us a Facebook Like, a Google+, or any other referral.  You can also subscribe to one of the RSS feeds or to updates by email so you will be sure not to miss anything.

Now for the necessary disclaimer: Content and opinion on this site is not intended as medical advice or to substitute for medical advice or treatment of any medical condition.

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