All Gardeners are Cooks

by updated 2011/09/17

cooking vegetablesAll true gardeners love to cook, or at least that is how my latest theory goes. Maybe there are people who make their living gardening and do not like to cook, but I have not met one yet. Now I am not talking about landscapers even though some landscapers are true gardeners, but being a professional landscaper does not mean a person is a gardener. Many of the best gardeners work in careers completely unrelated to their interest in gardening. By gardening and cooking, I guess I mean vegetable gardening. I have known many people who landscape garden but do not grow vegetables and many of those people were not cooks. But I can not think of anyone I know who grows vegetables who is not also a good cook.

What do you think? If you grow great vegetables do you also love to cook? Or are you the proof that puts my latest theory of life to rest?

Will Sig

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