All Gardeners are Cooks


cooking vegetablesAll true gardeners love to cook, or at least that is how my latest theory goes. Maybe there are people who make their living gardening and do not like to cook, but I have not met one yet. Now I am not talking about landscapers even though some landscapers are true gardeners, but being a professional landscaper does not mean a person is a gardener. Many of the best gardeners work in careers completely unrelated to their interest in gardening. By gardening and cooking, I guess I mean vegetable gardening. I have known many people who landscape garden but do not grow vegetables and many of those people were not cooks. But I can not think of anyone I know who grows vegetables who is not also a good cook.

What do you think? If you grow great vegetables do you also love to cook? Or are you the proof that puts my latest theory of life to rest?

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Will Sig
1 Binky

That may be true, but I don’t think the reverse is: Not all cooks are gardeners. Also, it’s probably good that landscape gardeners aren’t cooks, otherwise we’d be eating some pretty strange shrub and tree dishes.
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2 Will

Ha – Once again you have made me chuckle Binky. Thanks!


3 Tony McGurk

I love my veggie garden & have spent the majority of my past 2 weeks holidays getting it ready for this seasons planting. I should be back out there again today in the beautiful sunshine but I’m back to work tomorrow so am having a lazy day for my last day off. I also enjoy cooking & usually give my wife Michelle a break on Saturdays & do the cooking for her. I really enjoy it even more when using our fresh home grown veggies. It just makes cooking so much more special when you know it’s from your own garden. And tastes better too. We used the last of our previous season potatoes about a month ago & have been using shop bought ones. I found 1/2 dozen or so small spuds ( potatoes) when I was digging last years potato patch over the other day & we had them mashed for dinner that night. After a month of shop spuds I really noticed just how much tastier & sweeter they were.


4 Will

It is always interesting to see your garden come to life as ours goes dormant. I just planted some greens, spinach, kale, collards, etc. If I cover them with fabric they will do OK through the winter. We are arriving at the end of everything else though.

I did not plant potatoes this year. I think I will again next as I noticed the difference too. When you dig them and eat them right away they are better. Plus you can grow varieties that you can not buy at the grocery.


5 Tony McGurk

P.S. The food in that photo looks awesomely good


6 Deb Adams

I like to garden to produce tomatoes for deli sandwiches and salads. Sweet Bell Peppers for the occasion meatloaf. But in all honesty, I do not care much for cooking. I enjoy the meal once I’m done with it, but do not enjoy the “chore” of cooking, though I am, at this time in my life, stuck with the “chore.”
I also agree with Tony, The food looks great up there.
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7 Will

Interesting. I never think of cooking as a chore. I really like the process almost as much as eating the results!


8 Jonathan Ofei

I hold the same opinion that all true gardeners or at least,the vegetable gardeners are good cooks.The fact that one grows one’s own vegetables even gives one the inkling and desire to prepare one’s own delicious meal, and the variety is numerous.
Jonathan Ofei


9 Jan

I agree that most gardeners would also love to cook, otherwise why would you spend all of that time and energy? Just has a friend over for dinner and it’s great to be able to point out the goodies that came fresh from your garden.


10 Will

You know Jan, gardening is kind of a strange past time. We would do it regardless. I have gardened my whole life even when I had almost no space to do it in. I just can’t help myself. It is in the blood or something.


11 Jan

I agree that it’s in the blood Will. When we lived in England Mum set up this tiny little square of garden for me – I was about 8 years old and I remember the little flowers that we planted and the joy of seeing the bulbs come up every spring. When we came to Australia and lived on a 1/4 acre with black soil that used to dry into great cracks in the dry weather, I dug up a huge garden, collected horse manure by the barrow load from over the road and dug in all the ashes from the fires because we were allowed to have backyard fires then! Now that 1/4 acre block has been divided and my partner and I have the old house at the front on a very small block with a tiny vege patch but I love it even though I can’t grow much, but the joy of having fresh herbs, instead of having to buy a great big bunch that you only use half of! Plus we now compost and support our local scout group twice a year by buying organic compost and sugar cane. I’ve yet to grow a decent cauliflower or broccoli though!


12 Anna

I think your theory is right. I love gardening (I cannot do my right now, but may be when I am old, lol). My parents have vegetable garden, and my mom cooks all the time. Same for my mother in law, garden and great cooking. I think your theory is right. I don’t know about landscaping, that is just for looks. Anna 🙂
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13 Grace Colin

Gardening is very special in my life. It is my inspiration and all to the memory of my late grandmother. On way back in childhood, Me and my grandmother used to do our gardening activities on the way back. But for now it’s impossible because she is now up in heaven.


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