An Obama (Slurpee?) Thanksgiving

by updated 2010/11/07

Thanksgiving Turkey traditionThe Thanksgiving Turkey is a long standing presidential PR opportunity. Maybe this year, this opportunity can call attention to how most of our Thanksgiving main dishes are produced. Many of us have written in the past couple of years about Michelle Obama’s efforts to publicize her food ethics.  She has started an organic garden at the White House.  She has coordinated efforts with the White House chef to produce healthier, more ethically produced meals.  She is one smart lady and really does seem to practice what she says about her and her family’s food choices.  Her husband, the President, is another animal altogether.

President Obama is a smoker.  I know… an occasional smoker.  But smoking is one of those either or things.  You are either a non-smoker, or a smoker, there are no other options.  Whether you smoke at all says everything about your view of what a healthy lifestyle is.  I have also seen photos of Obama over the past couple of years, and heard comments he has made that made me wonder how supportive he is of Michelle’s efforts to eat a healthier diet.  I mean, even though he uses Slurpee comments to poke at his republican adversaries, he has also indicated he thinks the Slurpee is a great beverage.  I mean, come on, how can you really think that?  Even if you like them and drink them, you must know that they are not healthy for you.  I admit that I have never had one and that my avoidance goes back years before I was really outwardly conscious of living a healthy lifestyle.  Maybe my initial aversion to the idea of drinking a Slurpee was because the name contains the word “pee”?  In any case, I hope the recent publicity does more that increase Slurpee sales and maybe starts a national conversation on the health implications of drinking large amounts of  any sugary or corn syrupy beverage.  I sure hope not to see any Slurpees at the Presidents Thanksgiving table.

And speaking of presidential Thanksgiving tables, Debbie at That’s Just Me . com has a great article on choosing her Thanksgiving turkey.  She recently canceled an order for an organic “free range” turkey from the same farm that has been providing the White House turkey for more than 40 years.  She calls into question the farm’s motives for recently advertising these “free range” turkeys and does a good job detailing her concerns about how ethically the White House turkey is produced.

Maybe it is time to end this 40+ year tradition and begin another with a truly sustainable,  ethically produced White House Thanksgiving dinner.  I think I’ll contact Mrs Obama tomorrow and see if it is not too late to make the change. ;-)  If you like, my take on the whole “free range” turkey issue can be read in this organic, free range turkey post that is the most visited page this time of year.

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