Are Crows Smarter Than Frogs?

by updated 2011/08/14

Photo by Lou WiltonThis week’s search,“are crows smarter than frogs”, is just plain odd.  I wonder how someone could really not know the answer to that?  But I guess with pretty much everyone in the world online now, any search is possible.  Since I have written a few times about the intelligence of crows, and a few other times about our very interesting local frogs, I understand how the searcher ended up here.  But I wonder if they found the answer they were looking for?

Here are a few other interesting facts about the searches I find.  This week, for example, 88% of the visits here were brought by search engines.  Since there were about  7,500 unique visits this week, that means about 6,600 of those were as the result of a search phrase.  So, as you can see, I have a pretty big pool to choose from.  Still, I usually have to go pretty far down the list to get a good one.  Most of the searches are actually very logical in nature.

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