Attracting Orioles

by updated 2012/05/19

After my post last week on attracting the Bullocks Oriole to a feeder outside our kitchen window I received several emails asking what specific feeder I use.  It is one I purchased at a local feed store and I don’t know the brand but I do know it was designed specifically for Orioles.  I have included a couple of photos at the end of this post if that helps to find one that works for you.

On another note, our Orioles seem to have become more brave as time goes by.  We can now easily watch them out the window without them always flying away.  We have at least one breeding pair and one additional male.  We may have two breeding pairs though.  The two males we see are easy to tell apart, but the females are much harder.  Also, in addition to their beautiful song we can hear when they are up in the trees, the males have become even more vocal when at the feeder.  There they often make a very shrill, short, sharp, single note call.  Almost as if they are being territorial or announcing to their mates that we have replenished the jelly.

I plan to try again to see if I can get a photo out the window and will post them if I am successful.  For now, here are a couple photos of the feeder.  Mainly they eat the jelly, but sometimes they also drink the sugar water through the 4 holes in the lid.

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