Corn Ethanol Has Always Been a Mistake

by updated 2011/01/21

This is a very frustrating issue for me and many others that have been writing and speaking about the problems with using corn ethanol as a fuel additive. The problems range from environmental and financial to, of course, political. In recent weeks the big mainstream press, NPR, CNN, AP, etc. have finally started bringing the ethanol mess to the forefront of the news. Why has it taken so long? Yes, there have been a few prominent articles over the years, but no real effort to expose the fatal flaws of our pursuit of ethanol use.

I think I wrote my first article over 4 years ago on why I thought chasing the ethanol pipe dream was a huge mistake. Since then I have written several more times about the political reasons for ethanol excitement and the financial and environmental consequences of this push for increased ethanol use. And, it has not been just little old me shouting from the rooftops. Many other bloggers and commentators on other sites have joined in to try and get out the real facts behind corn ethanol.

Maybe this time the reality will be exposed and money and effort to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels can finally be directed away from corn ethanol and towards research and development that will truly make a positive difference. If just the subsidies given to corn ethanol production and distribution can be redirected, that will help tremendously.

So to do my part in adding to the recent flurry of publicity, I am bringing a couple of old posts up to the front of the blog. They are immediately before this post. Browse on back a couple of posts, read and please comment. As I have done before, (unfortunately with little dissenting response), I especially ask those of you who disagree with my view on this to comment. Maybe the past silence from those with an opposing view is an indication of how weak the argument in favor of corn ethanol really is?

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