Did You Know? Quake Shortened Day Length


At first, I thought this was an bad, early, April Fool’s Day joke.  But, after reading several explanations, it seems to be a fact, our days are now shorter as a result of the recent huge earthquake in Chile.  Except for the unfortunate souls that perished in the quake, we will all live a bit longer than we would have as measured by time spent on earth.  Weird eh?  Here is a link to an article that explains it pretty well.

 I would not be too concerned with this though.  It falls into the same sort of category as the whole “the faster you go, the slower you age” thing.  You know, someone speeding down the freeway is aging slower that someone asleep in the sun at the beach.  Interesting in concept, but irrelevant to everyday life… my favorite sort of thinking!

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Will Sig
1 Alan

mmmm. It is interesting, though it seems to me that if I spent a year traveling every week, flying like 100,000 miles or more I would Feel much older and more worn out than if I spent that same year relaxing at the beach and traveling no farther than the pool. How odd that the opposite is actually true.


2 Dennis the Vizsla

I’d heard this. Obviously it was one heck of a quake.
.-= Dennis the Vizsla´s last blog ..its the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering speshul gests paris hiltons handbag and pink daisy!!! =-.


3 Will

Hi Alan – Yeah it is said that the Star Trek characters would never be able to return home since home would be long gone when they returned. Physics is certainly the most interesting thing there is. I assume you have heard about the constant connection very small particles are found to have. If you take two of them that are connected, separate them by 20,ooo miles, then move one of them, the other one instantly moves in the same way. How is that for odd?


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