Do You Have Your Turkey Yet?


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Next week we in the U.S. celebrate one of the world’s more unique holidays, Thanksgiving. This is just my annual reminder that if like most of us you plan to have a turkey dinner, try if you can to get an organic, free range turkey for Thanksgiving. This link on the reason why an organic, free range turkey is the best choice may give some insight into why the extra cost is worth it.  And this post on why organic turkeys cost more is also timely.

Because the selection is best right now, I buy a couple of frozen, organic, free range turkeys every year at this time and store them for future dinners. I also usually get a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner. This year it will be a Mary’s organic, free range turkey from our new Food Co-op.  If you read those articles and decide you can get a turkey like this for your dinner, I think you will be surprised at how much better it tastes.  And you may feel better yourself making a healthier, more ethical food decision this Thanksgiving.

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Will Sig
1 Faythe

I have not found a food co-op near me yet… the one that was close & also made their own bread & baked goods that were sold around the state was sold & the new people do not have a store open any more 🙁 and I am not about to chase the turkeys in my yard that I have been sharing in my posts… besides they run much faster than I can! (really!!)


2 Will

I would be tempted by all those Turkeys you have but I am not a hunter. Chasing them down would be impossible. Interesting that the Co-op was sold. I think by definition in Oregon that can not happen. A co-op is owned by all the members. It can dissolve but not trade hands other than attracting new members. I may very likely be wrong though.


3 Binky

If the turkeys formed their own Co-op, I wonder what they’d be selling for Thanksgiving.
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4 Will

Whatever it would be, hopefully free range and organic.


5 Tony McGurk

I think they’d be promoting chicken.
“Gobble gobble, eat the chikin’, eat the chikin’, gobble gobble”


6 Jan

We actually got free range turkeys from our local supermarket chain last year which was great and they weren’t hideously expensive either. How about some good recipes for the people on the other side of the world who don’t normally cook turkey?


7 Will

Be careful of how easy it is for growers to claim “free range”. Some free range turkeys don’t go outside at all. If a grower raises the kind of turkey that has an unnaturally large breast of white meat, they can be top heavy and have difficulty walking. Many large turkey producers just provide a little access door to a
small outside pen. The indoor birds are so crowded and unable to walk that they don’t go out at all.


8 Pamie

I never try to eat turkey..But I’m really curious if what is the taste of it?I think its very expensive..


9 Tony McGurk

I really like turkey. We sometimes buy Turkey Mince & make Turkey Burgers. They are awesome!!!


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