Do You Have Your Turkey Yet?

by updated 2011/11/19

Photo by Dan Smith

Next week we in the U.S. celebrate one of the world’s more unique holidays, Thanksgiving. This is just my annual reminder that if like most of us you plan to have a turkey dinner, try if you can to get an organic, free range turkey for Thanksgiving. This link on the reason why an organic, free range turkey is the best choice may give some insight into why the extra cost is worth it.  And this post on why organic turkeys cost more is also timely.

Because the selection is best right now, I buy a couple of frozen, organic, free range turkeys every year at this time and store them for future dinners. I also usually get a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner. This year it will be a Mary’s organic, free range turkey from our new Food Co-op.  If you read those articles and decide you can get a turkey like this for your dinner, I think you will be surprised at how much better it tastes.  And you may feel better yourself making a healthier, more ethical food decision this Thanksgiving.

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