Dr. Mercola Discusses Cookware Danger

by updated 2012/06/10

Safe CookwareFor 5+ years I have been saying that all the evidence I can find points to danger in using non-stick, plastic coated cookware. Lots of people agree with me, but some commentators have called the warnings bogus or hysterical. You can read my articles spanning from several years ago to this year at that link, above. Nothing has changed my opinion on the subject. I still absolutely never use non-stick cookware. I have a few pans from the SafePan company in Australia that I love but those have been unavailable recently and their website is gone.  I did find some other [easyazon-link asin="B004AMUELO"]Ceramic Coated Cookware[/easyazon-link] that seems good.  Just ordered one pan though as the color is a bit much.  I also own several stainless steel pans that I feel are safe.

Today I saw that Dr. Joseph Mercola is getting on this subject in a big way.  Of course he is selling his own brand of ceramic cookware and that seems to be the main motivation behind his push on the dangers of Teflon.  Some people don’t think highly of Mercola because his website is really a big selling tool for all of his products.  But I don’t feel that way.  If you look closer and really read and listen to him, I think you will see that, even though he makes big money selling products, everything he sells he really tests and believes in.

Mercola always explains his reasoning behind offering the products he does and that reasoning is very much in line with my thinking.  His offerings are expensive, but they always seem to be of higher quality, and even though his cookware is too expensive for me, I expect it is of great quality.

Mainly this caught my attention because it is another example of me feeling a bit vindicated by the passage of time.  Often I find myself writing about something that is not readily known or accepted by the majority of people.  Because my “audience” (you) is small, my message does not reach the masses.  My posts get read by a fair number of people but do not seem to attract many Facebook Likes, Google Pluses, Diggs, or Stumbles. Those tools are what really get a message out so if you like or agree with a post on this site, please consider using one of those tools to spread the word.  Given this small audience it can be frustrating to re-visit an issue after a year of two and feel nothing much has changed.

Once in a while though a topic eventually gets picked up by bigger media or websites and reaches masses of people.  That is what is now happening with the non-stick cookware problem.  I suspect that plastic coated cookware is really on the decline and I am happy to feel that by continuing to write about the dangers over the years, I may have played a small part in the surge in sales of safer pots and pans.

Will Sig

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