Flu Cases at Record Low

by updated 2012/02/18

Of course this is probably the surest way to deep six my good luck, but I have not been sick once yet this winter.  Like many people, I usually get at least a couple of colds every winter season, though thankfully not as severe as that poor guy in the funny video above!  Got to love those government produced, in this case, British, public service film clips.   I have had a few cases of the flu in past years, but usually just 2 or 3 significant colds each year.  So far this year, nothing.  And, my general perception is that other people have not been sick either.  As the following links show, this year the flu is off to its latest start ever and on pace to set a record low in number of cases.

I wonder what controls this sort of trend?  I thought that with all the traveling, and thus intermixing of people from all parts of the world, colds and flu cases were on a non-stoppable rise?  I suppose we should just thank our lucky stars and hope for a continuation of the trend.  That being said, I hope I have not killed my good luck and set myself up for getting sick next week!  Have any of you noticed this?  Have you been healthier than normal this year?

Will Sig

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