Flu Cases at Record Low


Of course this is probably the surest way to deep six my good luck, but I have not been sick once yet this winter.  Like many people, I usually get at least a couple of colds every winter season, though thankfully not as severe as that poor guy in the funny video above!  Got to love those government produced, in this case, British, public service film clips.   I have had a few cases of the flu in past years, but usually just 2 or 3 significant colds each year.  So far this year, nothing.  And, my general perception is that other people have not been sick either.  As the following links show, this year the flu is off to its latest start ever and on pace to set a record low in number of cases.

I wonder what controls this sort of trend?  I thought that with all the traveling, and thus intermixing of people from all parts of the world, colds and flu cases were on a non-stoppable rise?  I suppose we should just thank our lucky stars and hope for a continuation of the trend.  That being said, I hope I have not killed my good luck and set myself up for getting sick next week!  Have any of you noticed this?  Have you been healthier than normal this year?

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Will Sig
1 Tony McGurk

I had plenty of colds & flus the past Winter yet the previous Winter was my best ever for not getting sick. Both years I had the flu shot. I guess it’s just the luck of the draw. On a slightly different note with it being summer here I have noticed a distinct lack of Flies this year and we are usually innundated with those rotten European Wasps. I haven’t seen a single one this Summer.
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2 Binky

I heard that the number of reported flu cases here is extremely low, too. Some years it just seems that the strains of flu viruses are less virulent than other years. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a really bad strain next winter.
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3 Jan

I think the incidences of flu ebbs and flows, last year here you heard next to nothing about the flu. In fact, the only people I know who had the flu were the ones who had the flu shot, despite the fact that doctors will tell you it doesn’t cause flu!! Since taking Vemma which I started taking four years ago, I have not even had a cold, despite being exposed to three people who developed the swine flu in 2009 and others who just get the normal flu each year. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for another good year.


4 Linda

I am going to guess it has to do with the dramatic increase in people taking vitamin D. Vitamin D helps prevent colds and flu and over the past few years it has received a lot of media coverage. Almost every new client I see is taking vitamin D. Most are getting tested for it as well. Vitamin D deficiency is common in those not taking it, especially in winter.


5 Will

Hi Linda – Interesting. I have been taking vitamin D for a while now. Not a lot and never been measured or tested. Maybe there is something to that.


6 Derek

Not only have I been healthier this year, but my family has been healthier as well… It has to be due to the exceptionally mild and moist winter, wouldn’t you think? I guess we shouldn’t complain, and keep taking our vitamins…


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