Food Inc.


I rented and watched this DVD this weekend as I did not get to see it in the theater. My review is simple. The movie tells it like it is. Watch it even if you think you already know the truth about the U.S. food industry. Especially watch it if you don’t really give much thought to what you eat. Different from the movie King Corn, which I reviewed here, Food Inc. will open your eyes to our entire food growing, processing, and delivery system. Because I am seriously interested in changing the way we eat, I already knew much of what is in this film. But, I did not know the extent of Monsanto’s influence on the destruction of the earth’s seed stocks. That part was shocking and shows just what huge amounts of money and a single minded focus on corporate profit can do to our health.

Here is a short, (4 minute) review of the movie. But please, don’t just watch this review by Jonathan Kim. He does a great job summarizing the film, but rent the movie yourself and watch it start to finish. Then watch the DVD extras. You may be disgusted, shocked, or think “yeah more of what I already knew”, but it will make you think about what we eat and how we could make better choices. We can make food choices that will not only benefit our own health, but the health of the planet, and the health of all the animals that are raised for our consumption. I think the way this film presents adverse health and environmental consequences of the takeover of our food supply, by a few huge multinational conglomerates has generated some good press and attention. The question is whether that will stick with us or fade away as the reality of our artificially low priced “food” continues to influence people’s everyday eating choices.

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Will Sig
1 BK

I missed this documentary when it was showing in the theater. I guess I will have to find a way to rent this. Actually, my friend and I was also discussing if this will really change the way people are eating. He was asking if people really have a choice especially when in the supermarket the cheaper ones are usually those produced by industrial farming. The question are “Are people willing to pay a higher price for safer produce? And how can we convince them that the cheaper options are bad for their healths?” End of the day, we agreed on one thing, no matter what, people do have a choice and it is a matter of if they want to exercise that choice.
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2 Michael

Thanks so much for highlighting this so very important film. If we don’t change our food habits, and if food manufacturers don’t change their practices, we will be in deep doo-doo. We actually already are, but it will just only continue to get worse. For instance, obesity in the U.S. is at alarming proportions, and it’s all the result of food practices as outlined in Food, Inc. Here’s an article on obesity in the U.S.:


3 Will

Hi BK – We need to make industrialized food price reflect it’s true cost, not the artificially low cost. But yes, you are correct, people choose and who can be blamed for choosing the lower cost food. Sad.


4 Will

Hi Michael – Did you read my post, “Plastic Makes You Fat”? 😉 It may not all be food choices. Especially when you have to explain obese 8 month old babies that have only breast fed. But the biggest contributor as I have written many times is soda, even diet soda.


5 Faith and Facts

Take a look at John Stossel’s (from 20/20) book, “Lies, Myths, and Downright Stupidity.” It is eye-opening.


6 MJ

I don’t drink soda ever. Plain water is the best drink.
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7 Susan

Right after I watched this movie I was lucky enough to discover our local food coop. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to completely eliminate grocery stores, but I’m going to give it a shot!


8 Will

Hi Susan! I read your post on the Lehigh Valley Food Coop. Great photos of your food too. I see the coffee is organic. You might want to make sure it is also certified Bird Friendly, or at least shade grown. It looks like your co-op is growing and successful. You are indeed fortunate to have it. We have been trying to get a co-op started here for a couple of years, but with the economy it is a tough job.


9 Donna

Can anyone help me find a way to contact Food Inc people. My daughter is doing her science fair project on organic vs non organic foods. I thought having Food Inc playing in the background would also be an eye opener to those attending the Science Fair and I want to be sure this is ok and if there is any other materials she might utilize in this project they could direct us to.
Thanks for anyone’s assistance


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