Genetic Engineering At Home


Now here is something that might need some regulation!  I recently came across a support community for biology at home and wonder if I am being paranoid about mutations escaping from someone’s kitchen?  What do you think?  Genetically engineered organisms are really becoming common and when you read about the potential advances to food and medicine, it is hard to be critical.  However, when you read about the possible adverse effects on the existing natural world, it is hard not to be worried.  Genetically modified organisms may be an inevitable reality now, but people creating them at home???

Below is a quote from an AP article published today on “do it yourself” genetic engineering.  You can read the whole AP story here.

Using homemade lab equipment and the wealth of scientific knowledge available online… hobbyists are trying to create new life forms through genetic engineering… In her San Francisco dining room lab, for example, 31-year-old computer programmer Meredith L. Patterson is trying to develop genetically altered yogurt bacteria that will glow green to signal the presence of melamine, the chemical that turned Chinese-made baby formula and pet food deadly.

I don’t know… the green, glowing yogurt Meredith is trying to develop seems harmless enough.  But, is this the slippery slope we need to be care of?

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