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It is ironic that my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday was of a wildflower I found on one of my hikes. You know what is said about jinxing something by talking about it? Well today is in the high 30’s and raining with occasional snow showers. Real snow is predicted for tonight! Oh well.

Is it spring where you live? Once spring does arrive, is the time short before the heat of summer sets in? To me spring signals the start of the season when I can grow much of the food I eat. The photo to the left is taken today in my little greenhouse. Outside it is cold, but in there it is warm and friendly for the plants that will soon start to go out into the garden. You can see the white tent-like covering in the below photo where I have actually already planted out lettuce, kale, collards, and beets under floating row covers. If all goes well, I’ll have the first home-grown lettuce of the season next week. I still have some carrots and beets that I pick from last falls crop. They over winter well with very little protection.

I suggest you all grow some of your food. Not only is it good therapy in a stressed world, but you know the food is safe and healthy. You don’t need a large space or a greenhouse. If you don’t have space for a large squash or tomato plant, grow herbs or salad greens. When I lived in an apartment in San Francisco too many years ago, there was a postage stamp size yard in the back. Fortunately the other tenants in the building did not use the yard much, so I was able to grow tomatoes, lettuce and summer squash. So prepare your soil well and plant a little garden. Avoid using any of the poisonous “biocides” like chemical fungicides, herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Take a few minutes every day to look after your garden and your health will benefit and you will enjoy a bit of food the way food should be prepared and consumed.

If you really have no interest in growing your own food, then take notice of where the local food in you area is sold. Make a weekly visit to a local farm-stand or farmers market. Ask the grower many questions about their food and growing methods. Most will be very forthcoming in revealing the care they put into the land and crops they grow.

Even if the snow flurries are flying outside one last time, spring is really here. Get prepared by making a commitment right now to grow, buy, and eat more of your local harvest this year. Your health and the health or the Earth will benefit from your choices.

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Will Sig
1 Jennifer Robin

The snow flurries are flying outside one last time here (surprised the heck out me this morning too!), and I’ve been crowing about spring being here early for awhile now. This post really struck a chord with me because the subject of local food has been on my mind ever since reading “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”. I hope you have time to check out my blog archives and see my bookMobile Monday recommendations. I look forward to keeping up with yours!


2 Will

Thanks Robin! It is snowing hard here this morning. Spring has really taken a detour this week! I know it will return soon, though. (Like hopefully tomorrow!)

Those are some great recommendations in your food themed BookMobile Monday. I have been meaning to read In Defense of Food.

If you are interested in more information about local food there is a link in my side bar to the Local Harvest Locator. Also, here are a few posts from my archives where I wrote about the importance of choosing local food sources whenever possible.



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