Horrible Abuse on a Texas Calf Farm

by updated 2011/07/26

Warning!  This video is gruesome and very difficult to watch. I was almost sick to my stomach watching and listening it.  I embedded it here but will also link to it on YouTube.  You will need to verify your age to watch it on YouTube, it is so bad.  On YouTube there is also some explanatory text by the group who took the video, Mercy For Animals.  Anyone with any remote sense of humanity will be repulsed by what this video shows.  Even though industrial meat production can be disheartening to learn about, this goes way beyond that.  I wonder if there are any others like the E6 Cattle Co. in Hart, Texas.  I hope not.

Here is the link to the calf killing.  The video has only been viewed 2,000 times which is nothing on YouTube.   I hope it gets some wider publicity.  Be forewarned again if you decide to watch it below rather than directly on YouTube. It will start right in and you will be shocked and sickened by this horrifying calf farm abuse.  Update: That video has been removed it was so bad.  Here is a link to a TV station news report on the calf abuse that shows some of the video.  The previous warnings still apply!

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