How Much Exercise Do Teens Get?


I just noticed a WebMD article stating that only 12% of high school students get enough exercise. I wondered how this could possibly be correct since so many students play sports. And, if these student athletes are anything like my youngest daughter, they get more than enough exercise. They have practice almost every day when there are not games. Plus most of them take Physical Conditioning for Athletes several mornings a week. So I thought maybe the ONLY high school students getting any exercise are the athletes. Maybe none of the rest exercise at all?

Then I read the entire article and found that this was another case of defining exactly how much of something, in this case exercise, is “enough”. Without debating how much exercise is sufficient, I was surprised at what this article called “enough”. You can read the article at the above link to find out.  I was surprised and believe that high school students are probably doing better than 95 % or the rest of us!

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Will Sig
1 Binky

Sixty minutes a day, every day, is calling for quite a lot. And what level of intensity counts? 60 minutes of moderate walking, or 60 minutes of running? 60 minutes 3 times a week would probably be adequate for most people. Too bad blogging doesn’t count. . .
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2 Jan

I know 2 teenagers who do no exercise at all, they are driven to and from school and when they are at home they are glued to the computer playing computer games so I can well believe this article. These are kids who are not involved in school sports as well, they do non-sporting activities during sports afternoon. I think your supposition is correct, only the “sporty” kids get the exercise and those that go outside to ride bikes or kick a footy around after school.
I think 60 minutes a day is a bit insane unless it is part of a regular training program though! I used to swim in summer, which was an hour on Saturday and Sunday mornings then competition mid-week and I used to play hockey in winter which was training once a week and a game once a week but I was very fit and slim. But I also used to have to walk to the train and then from the train to school so there was incidental exercise every day, plus no computers and videos to sit around with in our spare time, we were a lot more physical!


3 Victor Chen

I completely agree with the statement that “high school students are probably doing better than 95 % or the rest of us”. I spend approximately 8 hours of each workday siting in front of a computer. By then time I get home, I am far too tired/lazy to exercise. Add in the fact that I eat out much more than I use to in high school, that is more reason to exercise.


4 Anna

Not just teenagers need exercise. I noticed with all the video games and more channels on TV, even small children spent too much time sitting around. We walk a lot with Matthew, and now that we got rid of leased car last year we walk even more. Sometimes we spent 2 hours walking around the spinsterhood. Anna 🙂
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5 Roy Montgomery

Many teenagers become couch potatoes watching TV or playing game consoles. I encourage my child to get out on his bike or walk with us as often as possible.


6 Charles Wagner

These kind of articles are written based on certain research which can be right or can be wrong too. Also, it is important to know exactly how much exercise does the writer consider as “enough”. So, according to me these kind of posts are never a reliable source of information. Just because it is published at WebMD, it doesn’t mean that it has to be 100% correct.


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