How Much Exercise Do Teens Get?

by updated 2011/06/18

I just noticed a WebMD article stating that only 12% of high school students get enough exercise. I wondered how this could possibly be correct since so many students play sports. And, if these student athletes are anything like my youngest daughter, they get more than enough exercise. They have practice almost every day when there are not games. Plus most of them take Physical Conditioning for Athletes several mornings a week. So I thought maybe the ONLY high school students getting any exercise are the athletes. Maybe none of the rest exercise at all?

Then I read the entire article and found that this was another case of defining exactly how much of something, in this case exercise, is “enough”. Without debating how much exercise is sufficient, I was surprised at what this article called “enough”. You can read the article at the above link to find out.  I was surprised and believe that high school students are probably doing better than 95 % or the rest of us!

Will Sig

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