My Yellow Bug Light Actually Works!

by updated 2008/06/05

As part of the switch to using as many Compact Fluorescent Lights as possible, I bought a yellow CFL bug light for the front porch. I was not optimistic about it’s effectiveness as the yellow incandescent we have used in the past do not seem to deter the bugs at all. Well, this one works!

With the exception of a couple of moths, which can be seen in the pictures, there have been no bugs around the light since I installed it a few weeks ago. With the yellow incandescent, the bugs came by the hundreds, followed by all the spiders with their webs, trying to catch dinner. Then the webs caught all the dirt etc. blowing in the wind and very shortly the front entry way was a mess! The area around the light is so much cleaner now. I don’t know if CFL bulbs in general are less attractive to bugs or if there is another reason for it working so well, but I recommend everyone try it out if they want a more bug free front porch.

The only drawback to this particular CFL is that it really does take a few minutes to reach peak intensity. It comes on right away at about 1/2 strength, and then gradually builds to full power. On the porch, this is OK as it is not the same need as walking into a dark room and wanting immediate full light.

Will Sig

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