Nanoscale Rope

by updated 2012/02/18

Blue Rope

Photo by Nevit Dilmen

Creating things on a nanoscale has always attracted my interest.  Then again, who would not be intrigued by the possibility of science creating a nanotube elevator into space?   Or, in the possibility of merging the knowledge of the internet with your brain.  Much of nanoscale research runs to the much more mundane however and the mundane is usually where the changes will happen.

For example, recently a team of researchers have figured out how to get molecules to assemble themselves into nanoscale ropes. (Wouldn’t that be a fun job?) The possibilities of a material like this are endless and much more likely to be adopted for wide-scale use  than nanotechnology that involves altering us humans.  Still…… I might be coaxed into the front of the line when that merging of the knowledge of the internet and the human brain becomes possible!


Will Sig

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