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As a small way of showing appreciation to those folks that are adding their opinions and wisdom to the articles I write, I am reworking my blogroll. For now, anyone who has over 6 comments will get a separate link to the site of their choice on my blogroll. I may increase this number as time goes by and comment numbers grow, or I may eventually just include the top six commentators on the blogroll, but for now, anyone with over 6 comments gets a link. The default link will be the blog or site you use when registering to comment here. If you want a different blog or site linked in the blogroll, just let me know.

Since this is in addition to the list of top commentators. I would suggest that people use their real name, a handle, or even just their initials when posting a comment, and use the name of your site or blog for the blogroll. This way you will be linked in two different formats, with your name in the top commentators section, and with your site’s name in the blogroll.

Let me know what you think and thanks for all your great input and comments!

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Hey Will you are so generous. I did not even notice that I was second in Top Commentators, and thanks for adding me, wow. Anna 🙂


Thank you for your comments

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