Organic Food is Healthier


I am nursing a very sore shoulder from a hockey game so I have not had, and probably won’t have for a couple of days, the patience to research and write a longer article. So here is a link I had saved of a BBC news piece. Take a look and feel free to post a “duh” comment below.

Being fair to the researchers and the BBC, though, I am glad to see a big news organization so prominently display the obvious. Now I would really like to see a research study get to the bottom of why organic food commands such a premium price. If the U.S. government is going to continue to subsidize food producers, I sure wish they would direct some of those subsidies specifically to certified organic growers.

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Will Sig
1 JJ Loch

Your photo looks like my refrigerator crisper. 😀 YUM!!!

Hope your shoulder feels better soon.

JJ 😀


2 Will

Thanks JJ. Every year I plant several types of peppers as early in the spring/summer as I can. The long Italian green types mature quicker than other types so I can start eating those in late July. Most of the other varieties are slower so I don’t get them ripening until September. By the time of the first frost in October, they are prolific. But because of the frost, I need to pick them all at once. I eat a lot of peppers in September and October!

Note that as my article on the dirtiest vegetables detailed, peppers are among the most contaminated. Organic only on those, if possible!



3 Bob

lol, your right about the duh part, but like you said it’s nice the BBC did the article, great site here, hope your shoulder gets better soon!


4 Anna

Hi Will, I feel responsible for your shoulder now, but next time you should let me know in advance, lol, so I put out some photos that are injury free. Well, hope you get better.

And I belive it – about organic food. One thing comes to mind is all the chemicals that are used on food are killing all the antioxidants or nutriens. And also what gets me is that organic food tend to be more expensive even though they are probably cheaper to grow.

Anna 🙂


5 Will

Hi Anna – The shoulder is feeling quite a bit better, but probably no hockey for another week or so, and then not with the high school kids!

The price of organic food is something I get asked about quite often. There are many issues and reasons it is more expensive. I plan to so an in-depth post about it soon.

I had never thought about the chemicals affecting the antioxidants. I don’t think they would directly, but I’ll look into it.


6 Anna

Glad your shoulder is getting better, and should be good by now, it has been three days since this post. I guess I don’t have to have restrictions on my post anymore, lol. I will be anxious to read your findings on cost of growing of organic foods and anything on chemicals affecting antioxidants. In my opinion the cost of growing organic food shouldn’t be really high, because what I think of organic is ‘grown naturally’. However, if we talking about more organic substances to take care of pests, then I can say yes, because if it is something new, it will definitely cost more. Its like the biofuels, they are slowly lowering production costs, that is why more and more companies are kicking in. I guess still lots to learn.

Just to go aside the topic, and some discussion I had couple of days ago. About using plastic bags. We have changed and rarely use plastic bags now. And I heard on the radio that they want to put higher price tag on plastic bags in grocery stores, something like 20-30 cents. But the discussion was more about, when I used to live in Europe, plastic bags did not existed. And if someone brought if from international travel, we treasured it and used it until it was not usable anymore. All am saying, we are just coming back to what it was before, just like fashion, lol.

Anna 🙂


7 Will

Anna – The specifics on the costs of organic food might surprise you when I finally get around to the post!

And yes that was me on Digg. The way it works on my WordPress blog is like this: If you read and like one of my posts, you can click on the digg button to add it to digg. This enables other digg readers to find and read the article. Try it out! If you are the first person to digg a post, then it asks you to give the digg entry a title and short description. If someone has already dugg the post, then your click just adds your digg to the total.

I don’t know how it works on a blogger site like yours but here are a few links that might help you get it on your site. .



8 Anna

I will be waiting for your post Will, thanks. And thanks for all cool suggestions, I will definitely try it out. Anna 🙂


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