Our Food Co-op is Opening

by updated 2011/07/27

I was looking back through my old files and could not believe the first owner meeting for the Medford Food Co-op I attended was almost 5 years ago. For many reasons, that 1st effort to open a co-op was not successful. Then, at the meeting to announce the end of that effort, a few owners stood up and announced a refusal to let the dream die.  That meeting was December 3, 2007. Time has really gone by but here we are now, just days away from the opening of our own Co-op!

I have written a few articles about the effort to open the Medford Food Co-op describing the many different people have been part of this effort over the years that I have been involved.  Many of the recent and current board members devoted unbelievable amounts of their time to do what needed to be done. These Board members had specific skills that if any one of them had not been involved, we may not be here today.

Several months ago the Board of Directors hit a home run when they hired a General Manager for the store. Some owner/members thought it was a bit early, but without the skills and enthusiasm he brought to the final stages of the start-up process,  I don’t think we would be where we are right now. With his proven track record running a successful local business, the Co-op is in great managerial hands as it now makes the transition to a thriving co-operative store.

Take a look at our website and enjoy our success vicariously! If you are ever driving Interstate 5 through Southern Oregon, you can make a very short detour to visit the store.

I know for many of you that live in larger cities or communities where you have had a food co-op for a long time, this excitement may seem a bit silly. But many of us put a lot of our lives into this effort and to see The Medford Food Co-op finally opening is very exciting!

Will Sig

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