Parade Magazine Made a Blooper!


In the July 8th issue of Parade Magazine an article about reader’s “bright ideas” included this winner. Disposable paper measuring cup liners. The idea being that you would insert a liner into your glass measuring cup before using it, thereby saving the time needed to wash the measuring cup after use. Use the liner for milk, throw it away, insert another liner for melted butter, throw it away, insert a fresh liner for sugar, throw it away, etc. etc.

Without going into the obvious waste and throw away mentality involved, here is what I found ironic…. On the very next page, Parade, in the “Intelligence Report”, had a short article titled “The Environment – To the Woodshed”. In this, Parade decried Americans using an average of 75 cubic meters of solid wood a year in paper and other products. Parade talked about “32 million acres of trees” disappearing across the globe. Parade goes on to encourage us to “make a dent” by recycling and reusing.

Isn’t this an interesting case of a publications right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing? On more accurately, a case of editors not knowing that page 9 is directly contradicting page 10.

This really makes you stop and think about the whole recent “green bandwagon” the media is on. It is great that many of these issues are getting more publicity, but are the editors just riding the tide of what they think readers want to read without really subscribing to it themselves? I see many of these contradictions in day to day reading, but not often from page 9 to page 10 of the same issue of a publication.

To the woodshed yourself, Parade Magazine! 😉

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Will Sig
1 Jason

Excellent catch! I noticed the same thing. Pretty pathetic irony. Thank you for publicizing. I can’t wait to read Parade’s comments on it next week.


2 Chemmer

I don’t get Parade magazine so I could not read the article about the trees. The idea of disposable measuring cup liners in this day and age is dumb.

I liked the article about the dirty dozen. I wonder if the chemicals actually hurt us in such low amounts?


3 Will

@Jason – I doubt if the editors will comment on it next week. I thought I read once that the Parade magazine was printed several weeks before it actually appears in the paper. Do you know anything about that?

Would be funny if they did comment and linked to my short blurb here. Probably would crash my shared server and get me in trouble with my host. That kind of trouble would be good trouble though!

@Chemmer – Thanks for the note about “The Dirty Dozen”. I’ll comment over on that post as I had a couple of emails with similar questions. I think I’ll do a write up on the subject as it is not as clear as many might think. I also have a few strong reasons unrelated to my personal health for championing organic food.

Thanks for the comments! Keep them coming! I really want to get more of them because as much fun as it is to write, the give and take with other people is even better!


4 mbalex

Thanks for your astute commentary on the ironic juxtaposition of the inane disposable measuring cup idea with the suggestion of recycling paper to save trees on successive pages of last week’s Parade. It is pathetic. We need to remind people that Recycling is only one part of the triad: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.


5 Will

Your welcome, mbalex. Thank you for reminding us that not only does education have the “3R’s”, but the environment does also.

You would think that the editors would have caught that one. It’s not like the concepts involved are on the extreme fringes or anything. Pretty main stream idea these days not to use a product like disposable measuring cup liners! Or at least I would like to think it is mainstream. Maybe I am naive. They might be big sellers and make someone rich. Sad to think.


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