Pesticide Exposure Can Affect Offspring


Hazardous-pesticide_reduced Some studies have now shown that many of the adverse consequences of exposure to pesticides can last for generations.  One study I read about last year showed that female rats looking for mates were rejecting males whose great-grandmother rats had been exposed to the chemical vinclozolin, a common fungicide.  The male rats appeared healthy in every way, but the females could sense something amiss that caused the rejection.  The implication is that pesticides, plastic chemicals and other endocrine disrupting chemicals can have long lasting, perhaps permanent, adverse consequences for not only the animals exposed directly, but also any offspring they may have.  Some of the rat’s offspring in this study were shown to have much higher rates of cancer, infertility, and other diseases.  This particular study concluded that even if chemical exposure was not high enough to cause immediate disease or gene mutations, serious health consequences could still result.  It is thought that these chemicals are permanently changing the way normal appearing genes control physical development and behavior.

The chemicals humans have been exposed to in the past 50 years may be affecting us in ways never before thought of.  Even scarier is the thought that removing these chemicals from our lives may not have the intended positive results.  If the consequences of exposure can last for generations, out great, great, grandchildren may be paying the price for our complacency in the face of the threats from the chemical soup we all swim though every day of our lives.

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Will never been a big fan of chemicals. The scary part is that sometimes I am exposed to it and I don’t even know it.

This may not be related but close. Mothers who smoke or drink during pregnancy, promoting future smoking and drinking. Studies shown that children will most likely smoke or drink if mother smokes or drink during pregnancy. And I think you probably heard that too.

Anna 🙂

PS I think we lost Bob for a while.
.-= Anna´s last blog ..What Garlic is to Salad, Insanity is to Art =-.


2 Will

Yes, especially if the Mother continues to smoke as the child is growing up.

Yeah, I read Bob’s goodbye post. I was surprised as he is so into all that he writes about. I hope there is not something bad going on behind the scenes in his life. He has quite a following, I think many will be disappointed.


3 Anna

Will that too. I know because my mom did with my brother, and I don’t even want to think about his smoking, its hard because we usually know what the result can be.

The way Bob wrote, it cannot be good, but I am sure he will make it work. You just don’t drop your hobby for no reason.

Yes that garlic my mother grew. My parents have corner lot so they are lucky to have nice piece of land to grow fruits and vegetables. Sometimes she grows so much that she has to give some away.

.-= Anna´s last blog ..What Garlic is to Salad, Insanity is to Art =-.


4 Stephen Settle

Pesticide are obviously going to attack adversely on our future generation, we should try & use them as much less we can.


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