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I was asked recently if there was a way for someone to get notified of all new comments posted here. As far as I know there are three methods, described below. If anyone has other ways to do this, please comment. Thanks!

1. If you want the comments in a feed, you can use the RSS drop-down box on the sidebar to chose from all the feeds this site has. One of those is the new “Comments” feed I just created. This will get all new comments into your feed reader, if you use one. I use Google Feed Reader which I like except for one flaw, described here.

2. You can also subscribe to comments on each article individually, if you have posted a comment on that article. This will notify you via email whenever other comments are added to that thread.

3. This method is what the reader wanted and allows you to receive all new comments in an email. Just below the “Select Feed” drop-down box in the RSS section of the sidebar, is a link named “Subscribe by Email”. Clicking this will take you to my page where you can subscribe to get any of the information on this site, including all comments, delivered directly to your email address.

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Thanks for sharing this Will, I should try the RSS feeds. Anna 🙂

2 Will

The rss feeds work well. The only problem I have with rss is that I tend to add too much to my reader and get overwhelmed!

I find that on most sites that offer it I do this: I subscribe to the headlines or excerpt rss feed and then subscribe to the email comments delivery. That way I get notice of all new articles and can go to the site to read and comment on ones I am interested in. The email subscription to comments allows me to easily see what others are saying and take part there also if I want to. I find that if I don’t subscribe to comments by email, I miss out on a lot of conversation.

The only sites this does not work on are the really busy ones with many, many comments every day. That is not a problem on this site! What I do with those is read the articles I am interested in and make a comment, then tick the box to receive notification of new comments on that topic. I do miss out on some good comment threads that way because it is not always possible to predict which articles will generate the most interesting comments. But if I like a site that gets 50 comments a day, I don’t really want to get overwhelmed with an email for every one of them. I did find a site once that delivered an email digest of all comments once per day. That was more manageable.

For this site with its fairly low traffic, getting the headline or excerpt feed and having all comments emailed to you is probably the best option.


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