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In addition to sites like The Simple Living Network, that can be found by typing “Simple Living” into a Google search box, there are many other interesting, smaller sites that occasionally write about simplifying your life. I am listing a few in this post that I found interesting and that might not turn up in a search. Many of these sites are really focused on an area that is completely unrelated to simple living, but their authors have written an article or two about the simple living concepts they have applied to their own lives. I like reading these posts because they are great examples of how people who are busy with their everyday routines and responsibilities never the less find time to examine and simplify their lives. Applying common sense efforts to areas such as simple living, sustainable agriculture, organic food, education, and health is something that really gets me excited.

One web site I like is The Simple Dollar. Trent Hamm has developed a very good resource about personal finance, using a writing style that is personal, fun and easy to read. He also often includes links to other personal finance sites and information that can really reduce time spent searching for further information on the topics he discusses. He recently posted some of his ideas on Voluntary Simplicity.

Clay and Judy Woods have a very informative web site with several pages of advice, information and links.

This site from Great Britain is interesting. It also has a very good blogroll.

Voluntary Simplicity and Soulful Living article.

An interesting article, well hidden, but worth reading.

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Will Sig
1 Healthy Living Info

Nice post,, Healthy living and weight loss are inseparable. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, we must learn how to live a balanced life. Cultivating healthy living while you are young will also help promote good health when you are entering your golden years.

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2 Simon

Hi Will,
Great post – I also run a site around the simple living ethos, looking at it from a Christian perspective and how simple living can improve our world for the better.

It never fails to amaze me how simple living can improve our health, finances, environment, communities and so much more. It really seems to me to be a solution to many modern problems.



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