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I finally upgraded to WordPress 2.3 today from a version several generations old. What a hands-on, cumbersome, process! Now that I have done it, I remember why I skip several releases before I do upgrade. I really wish the WP developers could make the process a little easier and smoother to run. The detailed directions are good, but there are so many steps where something can go wrong!

Anyway, WP and all plugins I use are up to date to their latest releases. Everything seems fine on the site, but you never know. If anyone sees anything that does not appear to work correctly, please let me know.

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Will Sig
1 Anna

So far so good. You are really good with wordpress. And your site is very efficient and actually loads well too. There are many blogs out there that are filled with widgets, and I just loose patience to load these blogs sometimes, not that I usually go after these widgets – usually it is the post that matters and the topic. I created free blog account with wordpress, but being the blogspot user, seems a bit more confusing. The only thing I am not sure, when I want to modify template they asking to pay in some credits, not sure how that work. Oh well I figure that out eventually, I seem to take too many project at once, so I think I will put on my task list for now. Anna 🙂


2 Will is different than using WP on your own domain. I am not that familiar with so I don’t know what is up with credits. In general I think hosting WP on my own domain is a lot more work, but it does give more control.

This latest version 2.3 of WP is supposed to be better with widgets. As you note, I don’t use any, going the old way of editing the php code of template files. This gives good control and results but has one BIG problem. Doing it the way I do makes it very hard to change or try out new templates because you need to make all of the coding changes again in the new template. Lots of work!

I has considered a different template than the one I have, but do not really have the time to make all the changes as I am not so much of an expert that I could do it quickly.


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