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Shortly after publishing my 10-10-10 post on the late tomatoes and early pumpkins, I noticed that it was the 600th post on this site. Hard to believe, and surprising that I do not remember noticing when I went past 500.  When the articles I have written for my other web sites, and things written for other people’s sites are counted, I am not sure I even want to know the total.  I wonder how many of the 600 are holding up to the test of time?  As I do like to post the regular “just for fun” posts like Wordless Wednesday and the Sunday Search, the total number of more “serious” posts is surely a much smaller number.  Still 600 sounds nice.  Wonder if I will be around to see 1,000?

And a big thanks to a few of my regular readers like Anna who have been here since the beginning!  Your comments and feedback have really been valued over the years.

Will Sig
1 Tony McGurk

Congratulations Will on your 600th post. I’ve only got 227 at the moment. Keep up the great work.


2 Tony

Congratulations Will on your 600th post. I’ve only got 227 at the moment. Keep up the great work.


3 Dennis the Vizsla

Congratulations on the big 6-0-0!


4 Will

Thanks – Dennis you scared me. I first saw that as “the big 60”. I’m am getting older, but I am not there yet!


5 Steve

You are one of the few bloggers I know who keep pumping out the posts. You are also one of very few bloggers who consistently write posts that are worth reading. Keep it up.
Onward to 700! :)
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6 Will

Thanks Steve! Sometimes I have periods like right now where I am so busy that the regularity goes away. But I still seem to be making mental notes about things I want to write and eventually they all make their way out. I have about 6 hiking posts I have been wanting to do, 2 are even drafts. But I keep getting distracted by other things. And this Wednesday I plan a great hike that I definitely will want to photograph and write about.

Thanks again for the kind words!


7 Anna

Wow Will that many, this is amazing.
It is a good feeling, I am sure you will be around to make it to 2000 for sure.
BTW big thanks for the mention, almost 400 comments, it feels I live next door to you Will, lol, that many visits. I don’t even see my friend or even call that many times. Anna :)
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