So This is Christmas


I have posted this first link before, but I watch and listen to it every Christmas. It has been covered by many other artists, but my favorite cover is #2 below. Imagine, (paronomasia intended and #3 below), what wonderful music it would have been if John Lennon and Sarah McLachlan had been able to perform Happy Xmas (War is Over) together. This song never fails to make me think and exercise the tear ducts.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!

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Will Sig
1 Faythe

I think their voices would of blended very well together. Wishing peace and goodwill for all.



Thanks a lot for sharing this inspiring video..They are really good singing their Christmas song..


3 Deeone

Hey Will,

This is my first visit here. I was actually Googling trying to figure out how to put the “Notify me of follow up comments…” on my site using Commentluv, and it bought me here to a post you had written about CL. I didn’t find my answer, but I figured I have a look around to see what else you had.

Upon me doing so, I found two of my favorite songs had been posted; “Imagine” and “So This is Christmas”. So glad I did that! I’ll be making more regular visits here. There’s no telling what other goodies I’ll find. 🙂

Thanks mate!
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4 Lindsey H. Rojas

Hi Will,

Advance happy new year. Great list of videos! I really love the So this is Christmas video! I hope that in every heart everyday is Christmas 🙂


5 Margoax

Thanks for sharing nice video..Advance Happy new year to all..See you next year!!


6 Tony McGurk

The best Xmas greeting I ever saw was a sign at the front of an RSPCA animal shelter. It said the following

“Flea Fish Ewe a Mare Egret Moose, Panda Gnat Emu Deer”


7 Will

Heh. Say that three times fast!

Wonder what the “R” is before your SPCA? Knowing those Brits and their imperial, colonizing past, probably stands for “Royal”? 😉


Thank you for your comments

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