Sometimes a Search is Just Too Weird


Yes, once in a while a search used to land on this site is just too odd to really understand.  Sometimes it is because the search itself makes no sense.  Other times, like today, the search is understandable, but you just can’t figure out why they would do the search.  This week someone wondered:  “which is better a 200 calorie peanut butter and jelly or soup”

An unanswerable question I think. I also wondered where they landed here so I did the search and this post with 83 comments on eating less turned up. I guess with that many comments, almost any search has the potential of landing there.

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Will Sig
1 Jan

They may have wanted to know which one had the least number of calories, or which one would be more filling or which one was the best for you nutritionally but its good that Google sent them your way. Working in a library for 3 years and doing the reference questions I realized that the way the human mind works is complex! My best (or worst) question was a father who was looking for a weight loss book and hummed and haaad at the books I showed him. Eventually we got to what he wanted which was a book on how to lose weight off your bottom – for his tiny little 14 year old daughter. Apparently her swimming coach had told her that she might swim faster if she lost weight off her (non existent) bottom! Boy that was one afternoon when I had to act with diplomacy and not smack him in the head with the book!


2 Binky

Peanut butter and jelly soup sounds like an excellent idea!
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3 Winston

Mmmm. Peanut butter, jelly, a bowl, in the microwave for a bit and a big soup spoon. Sounds like a date, Binky.


4 Binky

melt a little chocolate in there, and you’re on!
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5 Tony McGurk

Count me in Binky, I’ll even bring my own spoon


6 Jan

You two are seriously weird!!


7 Leo

Hey Will, you are lucky to have people landing up on your page. I have started three different blogs but barely get any page visits. Yes, sometimes they do come and just like the above case they land up using very weird keywords.


8 Will

Yes I know I am fortunate to have about 1,000 visitors each day. I can tell from the time spent on the site that most are reading what they land on too. I just wish a higher percentage would comment but at least they are visiting and reading. Thanks for your comment!


9 Lynda Lehmann

The whims of the web and SEO amaze me almost as much as the behaviors of human beings!


10 Tony McGurk

I guess it would depend on what’s in the soup. I would choose the soup especially if it’s homemade as I love homemade soup. Mmmmm Now I feel like soup. It’s 9am Saturday morning & I’m stuck at work on my lonesome. The phone hasn’t rang once. Not a single customer has come in & it’s pouring with rain outside. There’s also no soup here. Three hours till I go home then I think I will open a can of vegetable soup for lunch. Now I’m craving soup so badly.


11 Tony McGurk

Yesterday I fulfilled the desire. I made homemade chicken vegetable soup. It was so good. Thanks for the idea Will


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