Sunday Search Of The Week 5-18-2008


I sometimes look at the search terms people use that land them on this site. Most make perfect sense, encompassing things like "the dirty dozen of food" "organic food" or "hand sanitizer safety". But sometimes the search strings listed make me stop and think, "what could they have been looking for"?

Some are certainly better than others, but I will try to pick one out to highlight each week. The strange thing is that when I try the search myself just to see exactly what is being returned from my site, I often don’t show up on the first few pages. Maybe search results vary from day to day?

The important thing is the chuckle I get from some of these, so this is the inaugural Sunday Search Of The Week post. I will just post the search term used with exact quotes etc., and let you all speculate on what was being searched for. Have fun!

This week’s winning search is: "how many people drink soda" through the nose.


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Will Sig
1 Bob

Lol, great idea Will, too funny. I’m going to start looking at some of my search key words.

Bobs last blog post..The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory


2 Jennifer Robin

None of my search terms can even touch that, and most are actually pretty predictable and boring; most of them are looking for Sherwood Forest. I am totally jealous of your nose drinking soda searcher. ;P

Jennifer Robins last blog post..Cemetery Sunday


3 Nigel

Hey Will, how do you find what people searched to find your stories?

Nigels last blog post..High food prices: good or bad for the anti-GE movement?


4 Will

Hi Nigel! Statistic tools like Google Analytics or others usually show you what people used for search terms to find your site. The problem is that I don’t think they show exactly what page is landed on. So you are left to guess. The odd one I cited above probably landed on this post: but I am not sure.

I just found if funny because of the double meaning. Of course I suppose one could try to drink soda through your nose. But in this searchers case, I suspect they were from a location where the terms “through the nose” or “up the nose” are used to mean having a lot of something.


5 PKriegbaum

thts funny, through the nose. XD
what next?
funny people likes to do funny search. XD
good day


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