Sunday Search of the Week 7-20-2008


Following last week’s double dose, this week here are two related searches.

I suspect maybe the 1st searcher is getting married or going on a vacation to the beach? Or maybe they are trying to lose the wrong kind of “wait”!

As for the second person’s search, all I can say is…. I feel your pain!

“how to lose wait when there’s not a lot of time” and:

“eating less, exercising more, can’t lose”

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hi Will, I really like your Sunday feature. You get some funny search queries (mine are pretty predictable, all trade show related, and not very funny). While these two searches make me chuckle, the first one it also interesting. I put the phrase into google (to see if one of your pages popped up but it didn’t) and I saw that almost all of the results are about how to lose weight. The #2 result doesn’t have the word “wait” in it. Seems like google recognizes the searcher meant “weight” and automatically delivered results for it, or at least mixed in results. Man, google is smart! ~ Steve


2 Will

Hi Steve! I think I mentioned this in one of the earlier Sunday posts, but the point you raise has intrigued me too. Often when I try the searches myself, I don’t see my site in the first page of results. I think Google searches can vary from day to day or maybe even by where the search is coming from. Sometimes when I try the search to see where on my site the person landed, I find the result right on the first page of returned Google pages. Other times, my site does not seem to be in the results at all. But my statistics account shows me the phrase used by everyone who lands on my site from a search result, so it must be accurate at least for the time the search was done.

Also, remember that even though each of these is a real search, they come in bunches. So the Search of the Week may be a misleading title. I just mean it to be the searches I am highlighting that given week, not that those searches actually came in during that week. Sometimes I will get several good ones in a single day, and then not get a good one for a week and a half. These two actually came in back to back, but about 10 days ago. I just save the good ones in a file and then pick the one(s) ti put up each Sunday. I date them in my storage file so I know when I found the search result in my statistics and I try to get them up in order. But I have a few that I have not put up that are several weeks old already. If better ones keep coming in, they may never see the light of day. On the other hand, if a ling drought occurs, I have them saved as fall-backs.

Like almost everything I do it is more involved and complicated than you might think! But that is just me and the end result is usually good. I think…


3 Abhinav Sood

I would like to put this point in – Google search results, like the ads displayed by Google Adsense, etc. are geo-targeted. And in some regions you may be #1 on Google, and in other regions you may not be on Page 1 of the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages)

And yes, Google SE algorithm is good with word play. If you search for “Street” – the search results will give prime importance to street plus search for all the relevant words like Road, Tar, Avenue, Houses, etc.. those that make the best sense are presented before the rest.

Abhinav Soods last blog post..You Don’t Respect the Advertisers! Why?


4 Steve

hi Will,
You are correct that google results fluctuate A LOT and are very time sensitive in the beginning (at least I think so). I also didn’t realize that you save up the good phrases so they may be a few weeks old, which would definately matter. Abhinav is correct that where you search from can make a difference (but not in this case I think for these simple terms). Another reason for why one of your posts doesn’t show up now for this search phrase on google is that the searcher may have used a different search engine (ie. Yahoo or MSN). We must remember that google isn’t the only search engine in the universe, although it often seems that way! 🙂 ~ Steve


5 Elaine

exercise and eat less…. bahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaaha 🙂

Elaines last blog post..coco in the grass


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