The Disappearing Digg


digg   I guess this disappearing act could also apply to StumbleUpon. A year of so ago, most of my posts would end up with a few diggs and several thumbs up on StumbleUpon. Recently I noted that this never happens anymore. At first I thought it may be that I don’t have as much time to write these days as I used to so my posts are sometimes shorter and less frequent. Then I reviewed the posts with Diggs and Stumbles and found that did not hold true. It seems simply that fewer people are using these two networks now. I found a few articles like this one that have been noting this decline for a while. Another article I read claimed that referral traffic from Digg has been steadily declining for two years.  But overall there does not seem to be much out there saying that these two services are failing in any way.

So maybe a test is in order.  Starting next week, if you use Digg or Stumble let’s do a test.  Submit a few current articles to both services.  They don’t necessarily have to be from this site, but please make sure the articles you submit are from people who will agree to track the results.  If any of my posts are submitted, I’ll see what type of visits result and post the numbers here.  I remember when this post was reviewed on Stumble and submitted to Digg over one year ago and the next week thousands of people read the post.  It seems like that might not happen now.

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Will Sig
1 Luc J

I guess it’s the fate of most social networking sites. First there’s a hype, created by the early adopters. Then there are a lot of followers. Then a lot of people loose interest and the early adopters move on to the next hype.

How many people are still active on second life?
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2 Will

Yeah Digg seems dead these days. Interestingly, for many months now, NPR had been plugging some of their shows having a presence on Second Life. They have dropped all references now.


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