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Do you +1?  That is the question that came in an email this morning.  Of course I had heard of Google’s new software and have seen it referred to as Google Plus, +1, or Google+.  Google itself seems to prefer Google+ although they do sometimes say Google Plus on their website and their buttons all say +1.  I have read that Google sees Plus as a challenge to Facebook but looking at the site I don’t see that really happening too much yet.  In any case I had to admit that no, I did not +1 yet so, postponing my to-do list, set off to do some research.

A while later I concluded that Google’s +1 was something worth trying and set about figuring out how to integrate it to this website and me personally.  It turned out to be a very easy process to sign up and to also add the +1 button to posts on this site.  The Google Plus concept is sort of a combination of Digg and StumbleUpon, (where you tag interesting things that you find on-line), and Twitter and Facebook, (where you add friends and follow others).  In addition you can create a profile and add people to your “circle”.  Because I just created my Google+ profile, my circle is very lonely right now but hopefully that will change as people (you?) use the +1 button seen just after my post signature.

I am not sure how this latest experiment will pan out.  Because of the many similarities to Twitter and Facebook, there may be reluctance on the part of some to sign up.  I think the +1 button has a lot of potential, though and could easily replace Digg and StumbleUpon as the tool to have to discover interesting pages on the vast expanse of the internet.  The +1 button also integrates automatically in Google Analytics so you can see the stats about who clicked the button on your website and then visit the sites they publish on or visit.  It seems to have value not only for web publishers, but for web surfers.  Only time will tell if it can stand up to the well-established sites already doing something similar.

As of now you will find the Google Plus button on all my single post pages.  Feel free to sign up for Google Plus and click away.

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Will Sig
1 Tony McGurk

I signed up for G+ but found that like Facebook when I used to be on it, I simply don’t have the time for it so I deleted it off my Google account. Doing my comics, replying to comments left & visiting all my favourite blogs & webcomics takes up all my computer time. From what I’ve heard from some others it has really boosted their site readership. I do like that you can just add someone you want to follow & don’t have to wait fro friend request approvals. Some may see that as not secure enough but the circle setup seem to overcome that as you can decide what to share with whom. Seems like a good service for those that use the social network type sites.


2 Jan

Hi Will
I think I just added you to my +1 circle – if you circle me back I will have 3 people! Not sure if it is you as there is no picture. At the moment I am finding it as just one more thing to do and since I like to keep up with my FB friends I haven’t really got into it. It is a bit different to FB I just don’t think it has taken off yet. Tiffany Dow who is one of my favourite people did a short tutorial which explains it a bit.

Like Tony, I feel that there are only so many hours in the day and to do the FB, +1, Twitter – when are you supposed to write articles, answer your comments, sleep, eat, exercise etc!!


3 Will

I’ll figure it out Jan and “circle” you. You said you added me to your circle. How did you do that and I wonder why the button on this post does not show as having a plus? Maybe the two are unrelated? As you can see I have a ways to go yet to figure it out.


4 Jan

Hi Will
In the right hand corner at the top with my list of 4 friends, there’s a box that says +Add to friends, I clicked on that and put your name in and only one Will Taft came up so I assumed it was you! It seems to be a bit like Twitter, you can add friends to your circle but they don’t necessarily follow you! Somebody had added me as a friend from FB yesterday so I added them but I didn’t get a notification as you do with FB when somebody wants to friend you so I’m not totally convinced about Google+ yet.


5 Will

So I tried to find you and could not. I then looked to see who had added me to their circle and you were not listed. I then searched for “Will Taft” and there are two. I am the one that says in the description I am from Southern Oregon. There is also a profile photo that matches my Avatar here. I guess the thing for those of us trying to use Google+ is to add a link to our profile in our sidebars or something. Just to make it easier to find us. I imagine there could eventually be lots of people with the same names on there. Thing is I looked all through my Google+ profile and could not find the url to link to my account. Oh well. Probably by the time I get it figured out it will be old news!


6 Jan

There’s only one Will Taft coming up for me and there is absolutely no information at all and no AVATAR so it’s obviously not you! My profile photo is the same as the one here. I’m not sure that I am really interested in using anything this complicated!! Are you sure that you signed up for Google+ (ha, ha, only joking!!), it is obviously not a very intuitive system


7 Will

Odd as when I searched I found two. Here is a url for my profile. if that works.

OK I found your last name in my user registration list and added you on Google+.

I just spent some time watching Tiffany’s video you linked to. Very good tutorial. In fact, so interesting, I added her to one of my circles!

ps – Your cats are cute. We have a gray tabby that could be the twin of yours. Quite old now with diabetes but still happy.


8 Jan

Hi Will
OK I’ve circled you at last! I’ve still got the other Will Taft added and can’t work out how to delete him but I will work on it!! My profile is

Tiffany Dow is one of my favorite people on the Internet, she is just one open and honest lady, generous to a fault and highly respected by her followers. She got caught up in that YouTube ban a while ago and overnight they just took down 300 of her videos – a real miscarriage of justice, and they were a brilliant support for her Squiddo ebooks.

My tabby girl Sam will be 8 in early January, she is part Siamese and Ben is a Red Point Siamese. He is nudging my hand as I type because he wants a scratch but I need to get to bed!! I worry that Sam will develop diabetes one day but will have to cross that bridge if and when I get to it.


9 Shalani

I tried using Google plus, I like the features but I have only few friends there… So I just let my account there and wait for the right time when this Google plus will trend like FB and Tweeter.


10 heidimoorez

Ever since the Google + was launched, I already started to use this and eventually I learned to love it. I like the features.


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