Wordless Wednesday 01-21-2009


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Will Sig
1 Lagawan

Happy WW!!!!


2 The Right Blue

And what a particularly happy Wordless Wednesday this is!! (And I just dugg your letter to Mr. Obama in the post below this. Bravo!)


3 June

What a wonderful sight!!!


4 Lareine

first time in american history!… the hope they represent surely needs no words 🙂


5 elijahssong

i am a Canadian..but i think it is pretty cool he won…I was hoping for him….This is a great time in History!

elijahssongs last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


6 Dianne

Nice shot! Quite the historical moment. Happy WW!

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7 happily retired gal

Perfect choice for today!
Hugs and blessings,

happily retired gals last blog post..WordlessWednesday-Sunrise on Inauguration Day


8 Steve

hi Will,
A very appropriate choice for a truly historic day.
On a side note, since you take all your own wordless wednesday pictures (I think), were you in DC, and were you this close? That would really be amazing! ~ Steve

Steves last blog post..My Wife is Famous


9 Will

Thanks everyone! You are correct Steve, I should have posted an explanation. This is the first time I used a photo for WW that I did not take myself. Wouldn’t that have been something if I had been there and that close! It was taken by a U.S. Navy officer that had a great seat.


10 Steve

Hey Will,
The picture is well worth the exception.
I meant to mention that I’ve been to DC twice (many, many years ago). DC is amazing, and inspirational. I’ve stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial myself. I’ll never forget that, and I hope to get back there someday.
Thanks also for stopping by. I awarded you the “Funniest Comment on Thursday” award.

~ Steve

Steves last blog post..My Wife is Famous


11 Bob

Not into politics at all Will, when you have been on this planet as long as I, you get to hear a lot of broken promises. I will say this, it does my heart good to see we’ve came a long way in that the US has a Black President, never thought I’d see the day.

Bobs last blog post..The Saskatchewan (Buzzard Coulee) Meteorite


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