Wordless Wednesday 1-5-2011

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I guess this one needs a few words. Usually my bounty of summer tomatoes will run out by Thanksgiving. This year I ate the last one yesterday on a sandwich. So in honor of the longest tomato season ever, I thought it deserved its own WW post! Now I have to wait until about July 1st for the next one. Happy WW!

Will Sig
1 Tony

You did a good to have them lasting this long into winter. Looks mighty tasty. Can’t wait till mine start ripening.
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2 Tony McGurk

You did a good to have them lasting this long into winter. Looks mighty tasty. Can’t wait till mine start ripening.


3 Will

I thought of you waiting Tony. Now I join you in the wait. But I expect you will get your first pretty soon?


4 Steve

I am VERY impressed!
A few questions, if you don’t mind…
Was this tomato just picked off the vine (and how did it survive) or did you store it, and if so how?
How did it taste?
And is it a roma?
Steve, a fellow tomato lover :D
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5 Will

Hi Steve, no the vines are long frozen and gone. This was one of many I picked when just starting to turn color. We had a frost in October which I anticipated and covered the tomatoes for. Another in early November which I also anticipated and protected them from. I them picked what I could in mid-November before we started getting almost every night freezes. So I had a great supply until mid December then just had the last few over the past couple of weeks. Stored in a cool shed on newspaper. I tried hanging a couple of plants upside down last year, but did not have good luck with that.

It is a Roma type although still very good in salad and sandwich. The last half dozen or so were Romas. They seemed to keep and ripen better than the others. The last slicer main season tomato went in mid December.


6 Carrie

That’s great! And a beautiful one at that. Thanks for tip on keeping in cool shed – the husband is the veg gardenner…I’ll pass that along. Happy WW!
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7 Hannah

Inspiring! Was it as tasty as it looks?
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8 Keith

That’s one good looking tomato. I am jealous. A tomato sandwich sounds absolutely wonderful.


9 Will

Just an update to say I was wrong on this one. I moved a squash a week or so later and found two more tomatoes hidden behind it. So this year I ate the last one in the middle of January. Probably a record that I will not break!


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