WW: Should Be Snow In Them Thar Hills


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Will Sig
1 Will

Why is this site black today? Click here to find out.


2 Catwoman

Awesome shot! Where did you shot it from?


3 Cafe au lait

beautiful shot! happy ww.
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4 Simply Delicious

What a lovely view.

Rum Cake
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5 Aahana

Lovely shot!
I am new to yr site but loved the concept of wordless Wednesday 🙂
Following you now.
Happy blogging!



6 Robin Henderson

Terrific photo, Will! Brilliant use of degradations of light. (Is that an English word? I meant « splendide utilisation des dégradations de lumière » but the spell-check here doesn’t like it.)


Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit
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7 Will

Hi Robin – Thanks! One of the things I like about the French language is that even if you don’t speak it, you can get the meaning from the words anyway. Although in this example the literal translation is: “beautiful use of light damage”. And that points out one of the biggest frustrations for Non-English speakers trying to understand our language. Degradation really has only one literal meaning and it is a bit different than the context in which you used it here. BUT, reading what you wrote, I immediately understood your meaning and compliment. I work with several native Spanish speakers and they are often asking me questions about the meaning of things that I never would have thought about myself.


8 Robin Henderson

Well, “degradation” means “falling away by degrees”, which in French has come to mean “decreasing at a measured rate,” and in English, “falling apart.” (What this reveals about the cultures at hand is a question no prudent Canadian would ask out loud.) I still haven’t come up with a way to say in English that you have mastered the use of levels of light along a graduated continuum, but you have.

These things drive me nuts. In French, it’s the lack of “the hell.” As in, “where the hell are we?” “Where are we, dammit?” just doesn’t satisfy.

But my favourite Spanish example is the different understanding of constipation. Endless fun.
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9 Binky

Very nice shot. That’d be a long hike over those hills.
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10 Will

Yes Binky. We generally only have the time to drive to various places in those hills and hike from that point. Oregon is really mostly undeveloped forest still. Hope it stays that way!


11 Tony McGurk

Beautiful photo I like all the varying bluish-grey tones. Looks more like a watercolour painting than a photo.


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